Guest Sessions - Signals from Saturn (Blake Harper, Boston)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 5:44:00 PM

After months of inactivity on Trippy Soundscapes, here comes a huge progressive guest session from DJ Blake Harper. He is currently taking music production classes from Point Blank Music College, as well as gigging on a regular basis. His remixes as well his original production work till date sound pretty awesome and I'm sure he's going to be a common name in the Boston electronic circuits in the months to come. His first EP is scheduled for release in February 2011 on the HUGE US Label, System Recordings so look out!!. Blake has been kind enough to create an exclusive new year guest mix for us and he indicates that the intro to the mix are recordings of radio signals from Saturn, recorded by the Cassini space probe, and converted into sound. A pretty 'trippy' way to start off the mix!! 

For more of his work check out -

Blake Harper Trippy Soundscapes Guest Sessions Mix by Blake Harper

1.Radio Signals from Saturn
2.Luis Junior - Colache (Third Mix - Blake Harper Edit)
3.Magitman & Brisker - Wet (Emaje Remix)
4.Egbert - Open (Bake Harper Edit)
5.Guy J - Heliscope
6.Cid Inc. - Spacegulls
7.Henry Saiz - Unmei
8.Cid Inc. - Magnify (Quivver Remix)
9.Tom Glass - Omnia (Seb Dhajje Remix)
10. Sasha - Mongoose (Guy J Remix)


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