Guest Sessions - Skweee Geee Mixxx (DJ Radio Scotvoid, Salem)

Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 7:26:00 PM
This month's Guest Session is by North Shore's renowned sound artist, producer & DJ, Radio Scotvoid (label - earth monkey productions). Originally from Scotland but now living in Salem, he hosts a slot on the "Friday Night Spins" show at The Gulu Gulu Cafe. Its an absolute treat to watch Scott play live - his music ranging from experimental sounds, chiptune electronic, 8bit, wonky, swing jazz sets to dub & noise. He is the main guy behind organizing Salem's Chiptune Electronica & Noise Extravaganza festival and recently performed at New England's first electronic music festival called 'Together'. His new remix album called "Fragment (Consider Revising)" is slated for official release on April 8th but you can download it for free here You can check out more of his production work here - As expected he brings to Trippysoundscapes something totally unexpected & special skweee mix, so thank you! Hope you guys like it too.

Enjoy & happy listening!!

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1. Slow Han
d Motem & Beatbully - Romeo November Tango
2. Beatbully - Skweed

3. Boss Kite - Clef Bassett

4. Limonious - Dutty Frutty
5. Nosaj Thing - Lords

6. Aeed - Coccospace
7. Computer Jay - Epiphany
8. Limonious - FriscoBum

9. V.C - 97 (Hugging Funk)
10. Sparatan Lover - Sex With A Woman

11. Nosaj Thing - Caves

12. V.C. - KOR For Life

13. Beatbully - Buck Fergen


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