Decade Nostalgia Mix - Communicate Session I

Friday, January 18, 2008 at 1:05:00 AM
Starting off this mix with some deep electro then moving into some progressive and then ending it with some vocal trance. Hope you guys like it.

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Updates from last week:
  • "Going Home" and "Flash Lights and Explosions" have been redone improving the transitions and recording quality
  • Added RSS feed to the website
  • Added Traffic Stats (Nothing to boast about on that front)
  • A way you guys can share the mixes on Facebook
  • Will be selecting a "Tune of the Week"
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1. Somebody's watchin me
2. Stereocrash - D Lewis and Emix
3. Dero's Illusion
4. Long Distance - Adam K and Soha
5. The Rain - Ron Reeser and Dan Saenz
6. Out of the Sky - Lange
7. The Sun'll Shine (Sunrise Mix) - Ohmna - TUNE OF THE WEEK
8. Phatt Bass (2007 Bootleg Mix) - Ali Payami Vs The Wrap Brothers
9. Faith (Loafer Mix) - Starcase
10. Coming Down - Solarscape (Ishido Remix)
11. It's Not Too Late (Vocal Mix) - Parker Hanson
12. Love Songs, they Kill Me - Cinema Bizare (Kyau & Albert Remix)
13. Frozen (Vocal Mix) - Dogzilla
14. Read My Mind - Gabriel and Dresden Mix


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